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Close approach to clients. Fast and efficient professionals establishing a bridge to implement our client’s objectives and goals.


Business Investment and Consultancy

You are only one step from an expert advice on prospective investment opportunities for you and your business.


Tax Returns, Tax Consulting

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Hilst Accountants is driven by a team of experienced tax and financial experts focused on your business and motivated by the desire to satisfy your needs.

Your success is our business

Accountancy is about a lot more than simply numbers. At Hilst Accountants, we believe in living up to the traditional values of high quality services, complete reliability, full accountability and professional integrity. But we also embrace more progressive values, values that place personal attention and customised advice on a par with accurate calculation and extensive knowledge of sector regulations.

But most of all, we listen to your needs, your fears and your ambitions. That way, we can help you find the right financial solutions for you and your business.

Our Vision

Balancing the books is no longer sufficient service for firms like us in the modern world. You want an approachable expert who can provide advice and insight as well as traditional accountancy services that confirm the financial health of your business.

It’s the personal approach that sets us apart from other accountancy firms. We’ll walk you through tax issues, provide realistic strategic advice on genuine financial opportunities, and offer proficient assistance in making the right financial decisions for you.

Our vision? That our services set new standards:

  • Excellence in our services
  • Enhance your financial position
  • Ethical in everything we do

Our Philosophy

Our strength is in understanding your needs. It makes it easier for us to serve you in the most effective, efficient and speedy way. We can advise on your best options, identify the best financial strategies, and ultimately help you to achieve your ambitions as quickly and smoothly as possible.

And because we recognize each client is unique, our consultancy services are never one-way traffic. Our expert team listens, discusses and then explores options, before finally deciding on the advice or strategic plan that most suits your needs.

Our Services

Hilst Accountants offers more than just accountancy services. We provide a range of professional services designed to enhance your business’s revenue, strengthen its market position and improve its financial future.

Tax Returns, Tax Consulting

We know the tax maze is not fun for everyone – but we love it! We can guide you through the complexities of Australia’s tax law (both for income and business). Our tax agent is fully qualified and highly experienced in handling the full range of taxation issues. So, don’t fret over the paperwork. Let us do it for you, from preparing your tax returns and handling Federal and State tax deposits and filings, to drawing up an effective tax plan that best suits you.

  • Expert tax planning and advice
  • GST, BAS & IAS returns
  • Quarterly and Year-End filings made

Accounting Compliance

It’s no secret that fully adhering to the range of federal and state financial regulations is a sober necessity. But submitting the necessary documents to the relevant authorities is something you don’t have to lose sleep over. You can trust our team of financial experts to prepare all of the reports and statements required, and submit them to the right government organizations on time.

  • ASIC Annual Company Statements Submitted
  • Reports to Immigration department (Immigration agent request)

Salary Packaging

Competition for the best people can be intense, but offering the right incentives can make recruitment that little bit easier. We can help you structure customized salary packages that attract the leading talent in your sector but will not cost you a fortune in Fringe Benefits Tax. So, you can offer a company car, the latest laptop or some other non-cash incentive without succumbing to the wrath of the tax man.

  • Recruitment Remuneration Calculated
  • Minimized Fringe Benefit Tax Impact
  • Promotion Scales Structured


Handling your business’s books is no simple task. Reconciling payments with revenue, keeping tabs on invoices and managing all of the documentation involved can put your head in a spin. We provide expert bookkeeping services that are concise, efficient and completely reliable. And because we use an innovative bookkeeping system, you can see your cash flow improve and your potential for profit increase.

  • Complete Accounts and Documents Management
  • Easy-to-Read Monthly Reports
  • BAS Preparation and Lodgement


Whether your staff numbers are high or low, calculating the monthly payroll is a complex task. Our customized payroll services can save you time and money, with our experienced team of professionals handling all of the aspects allowing you to concentrate on running your business and looking after your customers. Our payroll processing system is precise, efficient, and completely secure, so you can be fully confident of accurate calculations for every individual staff member.

  • Monthly Payroll Reports
  • Federal and State taxes calculated
  • Holiday and Sick Pay Tracked
  • Multiple pay rates, Bonuses, Allowances Accommodated

Business Start Ups

Every new business experiences teething problems – but yours doesn’t have to! Through our dedicated start up service, we’ll help you establish the best operational and financial structures. That way, your business can operate from the strongest possible position from day one, and be best-placed to overcome whatever challenges that first year in business might throw at you.

  • Avoid initial procedural nightmares
  • Establish most effective Procedures and Systems
  • Receive regular System Evaluation Reports

Expert Business Plans

Your business is no empty vessel. It has potential – potential to innovate, potential to improve, potential to grow. Whether your business is new or well-established, we can compile a customised business plan that identifies the areas of greatest business and revenue potential, recommends the most effective strategies, and helps your business evolve to the next level.

  • Identify Growth Potential
  • Improve Profitability
  • Enhance Business Efficiency

Business Investments

Want to invest in a brighter business future? At Hilst Accountants, we offer expert advice on prospective investment opportunities and comprehensive planning assistance in turning their potential into genuine returns. Whether you want to purchase real estate, open a franchise or take over a business that exists already, we have the experience and know-how to guide you through the processes involved, and to plan a successful investment strategy.

  • Short and Long Term Investment Strategies
  • Detailed Practical Investment Plans
  • Regular Reports on ROI Performance

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Hilst Accountants provide expertise in a wide variety of accountancy and financial areas for individuals and businesses. From the complexities of tax returns, salary packaging, and payroll and bookkeeping services, to consultation services on tax strategies, business planning and accountancy compliance.

For more information on what we can do for you and your business, please fill in our the form below or call us to book an appointment with us.

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